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Relationship Essentials for Men

Historically, women have been thought of as the primary gatekeepers of intimate relationships. Unfortunately, there are several potential downsides to this paradigm: – Women often come to feel controlling, criticizing, and over-worked – Men often come to feel controlled, criticized, and unappreciated – Men tend to become defensive and avoidant and see their partner as a problem to be solved – Women tend to feel dismissed and lonely and have to guess what their partner is feeling and thinking – Both partners often end up feeling frustrated, resentful, powerless, and misunderstood (but doing more of the same thing, hoping for different results) No wonder over 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce and countless others wither in silent desperation. In this program Dr. Glover proposes a new paradigm of relationship interaction in which men become more fully present and take a more active leadership role in their relationship. Dr. Glover is not proposing that men become dominant or controlling, but that they become more conscious, honest, and transparent. In doing so, they can act with love and integrity in setting a tone that promotes open communication, problem resolution, reciprocity, trust, and sexual passion. In this program, men will learn: – How to become conscious and present in their intimate relationship – How to become a good ‘ascertainer’ – How to become honest and transparent with their partner – How to set the tone and take the lead with love and integrity In this program, women will learn: – What it looks like when their partner becomes present in their relationship – How to trust and let go of control – How to more fully participate in a more reciprocal relationship – How to welcome increased sexual passion