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Key Elements of a Good Marriage

By Emma Jackson To define the characteristics of a good marriage is, in many ways, to open a hornet’s nest, since happiness is a difficult thing to define and relationships are often so intricate and personal that only those within them […]

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Laugh Together, Stay Together

Friend of Better Marriages, Susanne Alexander, has recently published a new educational cartoon book: Laugh Together, Stay Together: 15 Ways to Lighten Up and Keep Connected (soon to be available through the Better Marriages bookstore). For couples who want to […]

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The Three “Friends” That Will Destroy Your Marriage

Scott Haltzman, MD It's good to have lots of friends, but it's better to have friend that are good for your marriage.   When Edward discovered that his fiancée, Elise, had been flirtatiously texting with old college boyfriends without his knowledge, he was […]

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Don’t Try to Fix It. . . I Just Need You to Listen

It's Not About the Nail from Jason Headley on Vimeo.

Committing to Unity in Your Marriage

by Susanne M. Alexander, Marriage Educator (www.MarriageTransformation.com) Susanne M. Alexander is speaking at the Better Marriages Conference July 11-14, 2013 in Raleigh, NC The survival of your marriage and your health depend upon maintaining a high level of unity. Think about how […]

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Using Emotional Intelligence to Manage Anger

by Larry L. Sonksen, LMSW and Jodi Sonksen, RN Anger is a universal emotion that can be handled destructively or constructively. To comprehend the destructive impact of anger, all we have to do is read the newspaper or watch TV and […]

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Developing an Intentional Marriage

Married couple talks about the importance of being intentional about developing relationship skills. There desire to grow and improve their marriage has been a driving force in this 2nd marriage. Involvement in their Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) has provided important […]

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Rules for Fair Fighting

by Priscilla and Greg Hunt, PhD Adapted from Ground Rules for Handling Conflict, John A. Larsen, PhD     In a close relationship, conflict is inevitable. In fact, if handled well, conflict can result in our becoming even closer. (see How to Use […]

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Conversation and Moments of Connection

by Bea and Jim Strickland Bea and Jim Strickland will present a workshop titled Have a Great Conversation!  at the Better Marriages Conference July 11-14, 2013 in Raleigh, NC How delightful when your spouse listens intently to your story about a childhood event! Isn’t it […]

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Strengthen, Enliven and Energize your Relationship!

Virtual Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) Did you miss your monthly MEG? Do you not have a MEG near you? Do you want to try something new? Join us for our monthly Virtual MEG (phone and/or webcast) on the first Tuesday of each month. Dial in: […]

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