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What are Marriage Enrichment Exercises and Why do Them?

What are Marriage Enrichment Exercises and Why do Them? Marriage Enrichment Exercises are tools to strengthen your marriage. They consist of structured questions for couples and a structured way of discussing answers. Just as regular physical exercise benefits our body, marriage enrichment […]

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Radical Marriage: Your Relationship as Your Greatest Adventure

by David & Darlene Steele. What does a Radical Marriage look like? No-one really knows because this is largely uncharted territory and individual for each couple. You can see glimpses in other couple relationships when they seem incredibly connected and in […]

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Virtual Marriage Enrichment Group Recordings with Slides

Your time. Your place. Your topic. A Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG) is an ongoing small group that provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among supportive peers. All couples are there for the same purpose – to […]

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Why Do We Say Hurtful Things to the Ones That We Love?

by Perky Parkie I tried to find a way to sugarcoat this title. Because for me, this one sentence, brings a flash of all the hurtful things that people have said to me, and all the whoppers that I’ve shot back… […]

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Do You Dare to Pop This Question?

by Charlie and Linda Bloom After an evening of sharing the living room sofa while they watched a romantic movie, Brandon turned to Kim, to whom he’d been married for nearly 30 years and asked, “If you met me today, would you still […]

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National Better Marriages Board of Directors Nomination Form

Download Board Nomination Form. Or if you would like complete this form online, please click here. No one knows the couples in your area better than you! We have several 4-year terms on the national Board of Directors that we'd […]

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The 7 Myths of Marriage

By the Staff at eHarmony 1. Marriage Fixes Everything (Anything) The idea that everything in your life will get better, even a little better, when you’re married is pretty silly when you think about it. Imagine two people who are miserable — […]

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5 Myths of Happy Marriages

From Huffington Post Weddings By Whitney Fleming At a recent party, I was telling a friend about my plans to celebrate my upcoming 15th wedding anniversary. "Fifteen years! Wow, but it's no surprise. You guys have a great marriage and always seem […]

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5 Myths About Marriage That I’m Glad Aren’t True

By Winifred M. Reilly, M.A., MFT from Speaking of Marriage Ask ten happily married people, “What’s your key to success?” and you’ll get fifteen answers — many of which contradict each other. Some will say couples should never to go to bed […]

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7 Reasons Why ‘Getting Away’ is Good for Your Marriage

By Ryan Frederick of Fierce Marriage Getting away with your spouse is a vital part of keeping things renewed and fresh. This means taking time to intentionally disconnect from your everyday world and reconnect with your life partner. I strongly believe […]

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5 Habits for a Healthy Marriage (Faith-Based)

By Ryan Frederick from Fierce Marriage A little while ago I wrote about the first thing we’d discuss with you if we could have coffee together. Feel free to read that post if you haven’t, but basically we’d talk about your […]

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